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Holistic Therapy comes to St John's
10/2/2017 6:35:43 AM
 As St John's grows we have recognised that there are many different aspects to therapy and healing.  So I am happy to welcome Simon Thompson, who is now operating from the St John's therapy rooms. Simon started his journey in the holistic industry when he realised that he could do what he loved and believe in as a career and not just as a hobby.  Simon said that he has always had a keen interest in health and wellbeing and he truly believes in a holistic approach to living. After working in a spa, carrying out back-to-back treatments all day, he decided to set up on his own, so that he could spend more time with each individual client, offering a more personal experience. Simon says that  each and every person who comes to see me him is unique, so I he aims cater to your specific healing needs.

Simon is a professional, fully qualified Complementary Therapist, Sports Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. A full description of the treatments that he can offer can be found under the 'Products' section of the 'About' tab.

His professional treatments aim to offer a sense of calm in times of crisis, and help you to maintain a sense of wellbeing as you go through your everyday life. Universal Remedy's aim is to encourage a holistic approach to living and healing. In a time where life is so fast paced and everybody is constantly on the go, it is time we all made it a priority to take a little time out to look after ourselves. The need for this kind of healing truly is universal.   To find out more visit Simon's facebook page and to make appointments contact Simon direct.  Call 07902 328184  


Anxiety and the fight or flight response
8/16/2016 9:02:15 AM

To produce the fight-or-flight response, the hypothalamus activates two systems: the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal-cortical system. The sympathetic nervous system uses nerve pathways to initiate reactions in the body, and the adrenal-cortical system uses the bloodstream. The combined effects of these two systems are the fight-or-flight response.

When the hypothalamus tells the sympathetic nervous system to kick into gear, the overall effect is that the body speeds up, tenses up and becomes generally very alert. If there's a burglar at the door, you're going to have to take action -- and fast. The sympathetic nervous system sends out impulses to glands and smooth muscles and tells the adrenal medulla to release epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine (noradrenaline) into the bloodstream. These "stress hormones" cause several changes in the body, including an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. follow the link to see what happens in the body when we are having a panic attack or reacting to the  defence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDVQXbNrpkU
TA 101 comes to Bromsgrove
8/12/2016 2:51:46 PM
To book your place on the TA 101 at the early bird price contact Julia Tolley on 01215043691 or email J.tolley1@sky.com
£150 early bird or £175.00. Dates are November 12th and 13th.
TA 101 comes to Bromsgrove
8/12/2016 2:45:53 PM
TA 101 is coming to St John's November 2016
8/12/2016 2:42:10 PM
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8/12/2016 2:42:10 PM
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