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Professional service

The aim is to work with warmth empathy and acceptance for who you are as person. As fully qualified members of the BACP, all work will be guided by their code of ethics.

The Practice,

The Therapy Hour is 50 minutes and offers a range of psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, supervision and consultancy services, from telephone, online and face-to-face individual counselling.

First Contact

Whether you are interested in working  as a private individual or as an organisation, your first point of contact will usually be an email or telephone call. We will usually spend some time on the telephone discussing your needs in an attempt to establish whether we are the right people for the job. If I am unable to help, I will do our best to refer you to a practitioner or service that can.

If I think I am able to provide the kind of service you are looking for, I will invite you to an assessment or consultancy session. .

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment session is an opportunity for us both to assess whether counselling or therapy is something from which you would benefit, and for us to explore how we may work together.

At the end of the assessment, I will offer some feedback and will advise you as to whether or not I feel therapy would be beneficial. Some clients make an appointment to begin work there and then, while others prefer to go away and think about it. I'm more than happy that you should do this since your relationship with your therapist will be the most important element in the potential success or failure of the work you undertake.

Working Together

I would normally expect you to commit to an initial 6 sessions of work, usually (although not always) occurring once weekly. I find this often proves sufficient for those bringing relatively simple issues. For others, the six sessions offers a time-limited introduction to counselling and therapy, during which period I am able to assess needs and preferred style of working in more detail. For such clients, the review which takes place at the end of the initial period allows them to examine what they have achieved thus far and to consider what remains to be worked on.

 If we decide to continue, we will formulate a plan for continued work, usually in an open-ended contract.

How long does it last?

Counselling sessions are usually 50 minutes long and take place on a weekly basis. How many sessions you have will depend on what you want to work on and and what we agree together.

Our work together will be reviewed at agreed intervals.


Currently St John's Counsellors do not offer  counselling for younger persons under the age of 16 years . However we do have strong links with a counselling service working from St John's offices one day per week. This service offers one to one therapy for children. Referrals for fhis service can be made through St Johns Counselling offices.